Plans for Zeiteninsel

Near Marburg in Hessen, Germany, plans to build the archaeological open-air museum Zeiteninsel slowly come to fruition. They received funding for the construction of the site, but will also need to develop for example an interpretation framework. This needs to be based on the concepts behind the museum first. Where over the years, a lot was implicitly defined, it was our task, together with Raumkonzepte, a firm from Nordrhein Westfalen, to make things more explicit and accessible to those not involved in the planning yet. We structured the museum concept following national and international standards and helped Zeiteninsel fill out the blanks.
Both the museum concept and the interpretation framework are just a start; it requires a more detailed study to get everything in order, but with the first concepts ready, the rest will flow from this. Although we knew Zeitensinsel already, and of course our cooperation partner Raumkonzepte, developing plans which normally require tight cooperation and real life meetings, due to the 2021 COVID pandemic we had to change our way of working. Despite the challenges, we managed to get the work ready within spring 2020.